1. Strict QC System

We have been engaged in production of steel pipe for more than 15 years, we have strict quality control system, we can assure every piece pipe we produced.


2. Direct Manufacturer

We’re one direct manufacturer of steel pipes in Shanghai.


3.Key agent of large state - owned iron and steel enterprises.

We’re the Level Ⅰagent in China of the Angang Steel Company Limited and the Masteel.


4.large-scale steel distributor

We’re one large-scale steel distributor in Shanghai, we have a large indoor storage and processing warehouse in Baoshan District of Shanghai.


5. Exports To The World

Our goods export to more than 75 countries, and our more than 300 customers all over the world, can prove our good quality.


6. Short Production Time

We can complete production within 10 days.


7. In Return
When your annual purchase amount is over 1500 MT, we’ll give you 1% of the amount in return.


Address: No.489 Zhengli Rd,Shanghai,China,200433
Phone: +86-21-61072152
Fax: +86-21-61072155
Email: info@vastlink.cn